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You'll never be left stranded... our support is unrivaled (ask any current user), and the purchase of MealService initiates a close partnership with you. It's no coincidence that Service is in the product name! That said, we often never hear from many of our users, as technical issues so rarely arise.

Organizations who have purchased a MealService license are entitled to one year of technical support at no cost... it's included in the initial purchase. Beyond the first year, an annual support contract is available at a fee determined by the number of clients for which the software is licensed..

Organizations using the free version are entitled to three support incidents per year, with support provided via email. Beyond that limit there is a per-incident charge.

When required in extreme cases, Net Meeting or a similar remote control package can be utilized to view a remote system and determine the source of the problem. No problems that extreme have yet to surface.

Service is also available to modify any data in preparation for import into MealService, or for the importation of existing data into MealService.

When required, MealService clients can access the password-protected FTP Server here. Please contact support to obtain the required credentials.


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