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Key: New Feature   Existing feature that has been upgraded   Important change to be noted   Bug fix

3/14/2008, Build
Corrected an issue that allowed a read-only user to access the add/remove functionality on the list membership dialogue.
Added an error check so that an empty System Query record can no longer be created.

3/13/2008, Build
The Funding Sources tab now displays the client-specific reimbursement rates resulting from any client-specific rates that are in addition to, or override, the default rates for the specific funding source.
 Made all screens Vista-compatible. MealService has always executed correctly under Vista, but there were some minor cosmetic issues. Also with this release, modified the installation routine so that the data directory is no longer created within the MealService application directory but instead is created in the user's Application Data folder.
 Added a context menu to the Funding Sources tab. It's now possible to automatically check or uncheck weekdays, weekends, or all days.
 The View Recent Deliveries window can now launch a window displaying the delivered items, including quantity, credits, and extended credits.
 Added the ability to create a note on the Nutritional Counseling dialogue.
 When using the Send to Mapping functionality on the Prepared Deliveries screen, the cursor no longer moves from the currently selected record.

2/19/2008, Build
 The Alerts browse screen and the Delivery Preparation screens are no longer modal.
Fixed a bug in MapPoint routing where the Starting Location was not being included when MealService was directly controlling MaPoint. The Streets & Trips export was functioning as expected, and was including the starting location.

2/10/2008, Build
Extended the Funding Source functionality by adding the ability to assign day-specific funding sources.
Added the ability to retrieve GIS-encoded delivery data from ArcLogistics Route. This is so that any geo-coding performed in ArcLogistics™ Route can be saved in MealService. This also permits Daily Run route sheets and any item count reports to accurately reflect the routes assigned by ArcLogistics™ Route.
 Added latitude, longitude, and cross street fields to the Streets & Trips export file. This enables the export to be used with ArcLogistics™ Route and other GIS tools that can take advantage of those additional fields.
Fixed a bug in the ADL/IADL functionality where the drop-down boxes were not displaying the 'look-up' value but rather the stored value.
Due to the addition of the day-specific funding fields, the Table Updater must be run prior to launching this version of MealService

11/5/2007, Build
Added two client disease summary reports to the Agency Reports dialogue. The new report template files required are ClientDiseasesAlpha.rtm and ClientDiseasesRanked.rtm.
Added a client user-defined report that prints a custom report for the currently selected client. That report template file must be named ClientUserDefinedReport01.rtm.
 Added Funding Source to the fields available to be included on the Daily Run sheets.

9/10/2007, Build
 On the mail-merge client invoice dialogue, items will be included for invoicing if either a default amount has been entered per item OR a pledge has been made for an item. Prior to this change, the default amount for an item had to be greater than zero, even if only pledges were being made. Now a client can pledge towards an item that would normally not be billed for.
 The mail-merge client invoice dialogue now remembers its settings from use to use.
 The All Services Intelligent Browse now makes the Household Stats Intelligent Browse available for launching.

9/3/2007, Build
 The Delivery Type is no longer changed to 'C' (for Consolidated) when the Consolidate Deliveries option is turned on. Rather, the Delivery Type is stored as a lower-case letter. So, a Scheduled delivery that had been consolidated into an ongoing delivery now appears as 'sD'.

8/29/2007, Build
 The pushpin icon in the single Client MapPoint map is now much larger.
When retrieving previously saved deliveries, the grid now properly populates the Delivery Type and Household columns.

8/27/2007, Build
This version introduces the ability to send the currently selected client's address to MapPoint for mapping.
 The Meals Intelligent Browse now allows duplicated clients. This is so that accurate counts can be obtained by Service and/or Funding Source, when a client has been on more than Service and/or Funding Source.
 The screen image for the error message that is emailed now attempts to create its temporary file in the application directory if the data directory does not exist.
Corrected 'Reimbursement Rates' typo on the Funding/Billing tab.

8/11/2007, Build
The Case Management and Referral Reports are functional starting with this release.

8/4/2007, Build
When inactivating a client, all uncredited Scheduled and/or Episodic deliveries are deleted.
When stopping a client, the user is asked whether any future, uncredited Episodic or Scheduled deliveries (as appropriate to the client's delivery type) should be deleted.
 On the Episodic Deliveries screen, the Delete Delivery button remains enabled after a client has been stopped or inactivated.
 Added the Stop Reason to the data displayed in the Update Stopped Status and Inactivate Stopped Clients utilities.
 MealService shuts down more gracefully when the data directory does not exist.
When creating a Suspension that covers a period for which a Scheduled Delivery exists, the alert that the Scheduled Delivery may need to be deleted is no longer displayed if the Create Suspension dialogue was closed by clicking Cancel.

7/23/2007, Build
 Living Situation, Income per Month, and Income Category have been added to the All Clients Intelligent Browse.
 The All Clients Intelligent Browse no properly populates the Marital Status column.

6/25/2007, Build
 Added columns to the All Services Intelligent Browse so that the clients can be filtered on whether they had received a meal delivery or nutritional counseling, or both.
 Added the ability to filter on only the primary disease in all Intelligent Browses.
 Added the storage of Route and Stop when using the deliveries Save As feature. This only functions if the ListMaker has been licensed. If using the demo version of the ListMaker, this always defaults to blank data.

5/31/2007, Build
It is now possible, from the Client's edit menu, to add the current client to a List. This functionality is only enabled if the ListMaker has been licensed.
 The Order Stops by Route utility now migrates any changes to episodic and scheduled deliveries.
 Added the ability to export the Household Stats Intelligent Browse to Excel and delimited text.
 Added the Household Name to the Household Stats Intelligent Browse.
 Added a NoJoinOptimize clause to the delivery labels query to speed data preparation.
Fixed a bug in the Household Stats Intelligent Browse where checkboxes were not appropriately displaying a checkmark.
Fixed a bug in the Household Stats Intelligent Browse so that results will be displayed even when the Clients Intelligent Browse has not been filtered on a disease.
Auto-populating drop-down lists now only save their entries if there actually are any entries. This prevents a list of entries from being overwritten with a blank list.
Changed the directory in which the error screen shot is created. This was to avoid generating an error when the user did not have write permissions on the application directory.
Fixed a bug in the delivery labels routine when a single label per client is requested so that only label per client is generated rather than one label per item.

4/15/2007, Build
This version adds the ability to generate a map indicating the location of all clients. Such maps can be used as an agency planning tool, for an overview of the location of all clients. Mapping can be performed by selected service and by selected client status.
There is now a utility for changing, on a batch basis, the route assigned to all future scheduled and episodic deliveries.
When changing a client's Default Route, if there are any Scheduled or Episodic deliveries that occur in the future, the user will be reminded to see if the route on any deliveries need to be updated.
 The Prepare Deliveries screen has been updated so that the calendar picker can not be changed while the deliveries are being saved.
 When re-preparing a previously saved day's deliveries, any missed, excused or comped data is now brought forward to the replacement deliveries.
 When creating a suspension, if a scheduled delivery falls within the period of the new suspension the user is warned that one or more scheduled deliveries may need to be edited or deleted.
 The Verify Delivery Conditions utility now recognizes that a scheduled delivery overrides a suspension and will properly give a 'thumbs-up' when a scheduled delivery falls on a date that is covered by a suspension.
 Changes to a client's Default Route are now logged to history.
 The Print Delivery Reports dialogue's date format has been changed so that the date appears first followed by the day. This is to facilitate keyboard editing of the date.
 The Print Delivery Reports dialogue now allows selecting a non-contiguous range of dates. At this time, however, the delivery report will be printed as separate dates: for example, if 2/1 and 2/3 are chosen, then the 2/1 routes will print followed by the 2/3 routes.
 The score fields in the NSI table now accept decimal numbers.
 The Execute Query utility now handles Insert statements.
In the Add Client dialogue, the Add New Name button is not enabled until a search is made to ensure that the name does not exist in the database.
It is now possible to close the Batch Add Walk-In Visits dialogue if the 'Error loading Midas.dll file' message had been earlier generated.
An erroneous message to contact technical support when deleting a client has been resolved.
This version ensures that ADL/IADL entries are deleted when a client's record is deleted.
The Case Management dialogue properly displays the Event Type and Contact Methods properly (they sometimes displayed as blanks).

11/12/2006, Build
This version introduces a Case Management tab, with significant functionality. Case Manager visits can be tracked, as well as NSI and ADL/IADL questionnaires entered and scored automatically. The NSI, ADL and IADL questions can be selected as needed, the on-screen labels can be changed as needed, and the stored values for each answer can be modified to suit. The query that calculates the score is replaceable, as well. This gives complete flexibility with regard to the questions asked and how the score(s) are calculated.
There is an option to automatically trigger a follow-up reminder when saving an NSI/ADL form. The follow-up can be triggered based on one of the scores being either over or under an assigned value.
 The screen image that accompanies any transmitted error messages is now encrypted while in transit.
 The System Queries maintenance dialogue has been moved to the Edit menu (e.g., Edit > Tables > System Queries).
 The MealService data directory is now displayed in the main Client window's status bar.
 There is now the ability to view and edit the selected client's delivery and address information in the Order Stops by Route utility.
 Funding codes on deliveries are now editable on the View Recent Deliveries screen.
 The ability to set the Users' individual tab visibility has been added to the User Maintenance utility.
 The First Service Date can now be populated when a nutritional counseling session is created for a client or, optionally, a 'First Counseling Date' can be populated instead.
 There is an option to delete a delivery directly from a client's View Deliveries screen.
 The Intelligent Browse for Meals now offers the ability to display a secondary browse containing delivery statistics for those in the browse as well as all of their household members.
 The Events table is no longer used to store a copy of every delivery event. This should speed the daily process, as well as dramatically reduce the size of the Events table.

8/18/2006, Build
There are now user-defined auto-executing queries triggered when an Application is saved, or a change is made to either the application conditions or application documents on the Client Services tab. One use for these new queries might be to tally the number of qualifying responses, for example.
 There is now a user-defined Integer field available on the Client Services tab. The new field can be used to store numeric data, such as the position on a waiting list, or the score of an Outcomes survey.
 The Default Route drop-down list is now enabled for Wait-Listed clients. This is so that a wait-listed client can be assigned to a route.
 The Meets Conditions and Document Completed checkboxes on the Client Services tab now allow three states: checked, unchecked, and unknown.
 The Client Services tab now remembers the settings (such as height) of the Documents, Conditions, and Additional Information panes.
 The Health/Nutrition tab now remembers the settings of the grids and tabs.
The Route/Center and/or Service selections can now be included at the top of any of the delivery reports. Updated copies of the delivery reports are required to take advantage of this new feature.
The system auto-executing query names are now available in a drop-down list in the Edit SQL Queries dialogue.
The error message 'Table Doc_Uses does not exist' or 'Table Condition_Uses does not exist' is no longer displayed when deleting a document or condition.
Resolved an issue in the Delivery Verification utility that would sometimes erroneously show a client as not suspended when the client was, in fact, suspended. This issue typically only arose with migrated data.
Due to the addition of two new fields, the Table Updater must be run prior to launching this version of MealService

7/29/2006, Build
Added the ability to jump to the head of a Client's Household by using the speed-key combination of Control+Alt+H.
Added eight reports summarizing deliveries by funding source. The new reports appear on the agency reports dialogue.
 This version adds an entry to the History file when a change is made to a Client's dietary restrictions.
 Added the User-Defined-Field 3 Description field to the Query Builder.
 The user-defined reports appearing on the four report selection dialogues are now identified as such.
 When any of the CodeSite parameters are passed to MealService upon launch, if certain critical exceptions occur a dialogue box is displayed asking the user to email the CodeSite log file to tech support.
Fixed a bug that erroneously declared that a transaction was active when deleting client records, when in fact a transaction was not active.

6/25/2006, Build
Added Unique Record Number as one of the Client Indexes. Running the Table Updater will add this to the list of available indexes.
Made the Meal field in the Meal Items table available for use in Daily Labels. This enables limiting items (in a custom label) to a certain meal, for example.
The deliveries' funding source has been added to the View Recent Deliveries window.
When deleting or changing a Route Code, the change is now migrated to the Episodic Deliveries table as well as the Clients table.
Fixed a bug that allowed creating a funding source entry without a Funding Code.
Corrected a problem so that the Activation Wizard now recognizes that there are, in fact, default items for a new client's service.

5/22/2006, Build
When using the Activation Wizard, if a new client is created as a dependent and the new client's address is empty then the new client's address is populated with the address of the client to whom they are related.
The Activation Wizard can now be used on clients who had already been started. Prior to this change, the Wizard could only e used for clients who had never been activated.
For both the Activation Wizard and the Items Wizard the period of time a transaction is active has been greatly reduced. This should reduce the inability to edit the client's record when another user starts the wizard and does not complete it in a timely fashion.
A transaction indicator is now present in the status bar of the client screen.
Corrected a bug in the Intelligent Browse so that Race is properly translated. This problem was introduced in build when the Race table was removed.

5/8/2006, Build
Added the Reimbursement Rates table to the Query Builder.
Facilitated end-user joins between the Reimbursement Rates and Items tables by adding an Item ID field to the Reimbursement Rates table. This will enable end-users to more easily generate reports or queries showing reimbursement rates per item by funder.
Controls on the Funding Sources tab make better use of screen space when the window has been expanded to a size greater than a height of 600 pixels.
This version removes the Race and Marital Status memory tables, improving operation when accessing data remotely.
In the Query Builder, fixed a number of bugs: removed Client ID from Meal Credits, removed List ID from Deliveries, fixed an incorrect field name in the Funding Sources and Funding Uses tables, and fixed the date format when filtering on a date.
Fixed a bug that prevented any alternate directions from being displayed on the days when an alternate address is in effect. The bug was introduced when dependence upon English for the day of the week was removed.
In the Counseling Services Intelligent Browse the Client Diseases are now properly hidden when the Client Diseases option has not been chosen.
The Table Updater must be run prior to launching this version of MealService. This is so that the Pricing table can be updated to include the new Item_ID field. There are also a number of indexes added to the Pricing table that may improve the speed of calculating some invoices.

4/24/2006, Build
Added the ability to filter clients based upon specific client-diseases in the Nutritional Counseling Intelligent Browse.
The query supplying data to the Child Demographic Meal Count report is now loaded dynamically from the Queries table. The query must be named 'CHILD_DEMOGRAPHIC_MEAL_COUNTS', and must include the parameters 'dStart' and 'dEnd'.
The Intelligent Browse screens now hide any user-defined columns when the respective user-defined fields are configured to be hidden.
This version resolves an issue with File > Print Screen. On some systems Print Screen would result in a completely black image.
The Social Security Number field is now properly disabled for clients when the Organization checkbox contains a checkmark.
Resolved a bug that would generate an error if the Edit Diseases window was displayed more than once in immediate succession.
Fixed a bug where the functionality related to a day of the week would would fail when a Windows language setting other than English had been chosen. The dependency upon the regional language setting has been resolved.
Encountering an error immediately upon signing into MealService is now handled more elegantly.
Multiple instances of the 'Delivery_Date' parameter can now be used in the 'Execute_on_save_Deliveries' system query.

3/22/2006, Build
 Added Age, Rural, User-Defined 1 and User-Defined 2 to all Intelligent Browse screens, where those columns had not existed.
 All Intelligent Browse screens now display the actual label assigned to the respective User-Defined fields, if one has been assigned, rather than 'User-Defined'.
Fixed the bug that allowed creating a Route record with an empty Route Code.
Fixed bug that updated all Clients' blank route codes when adding a Route Code to a route record where there had been no code.

3/17/2006, Build
This version introduces integration with Dymo® LabelWriter label printers. It is now possible to easily print a bar-coded Client identification card for a single client. The label template file Client ID with Barcode.LWL is required to utilize this new feature.
A new chart was added. The new chart displays the quantities of selected items delivered, by day.
 Added the ability to specify whether the Intelligent Browse groupings, if any, should be expanded or collapsed when exporting the browse data.
 Added a County column to the Nutritional Counseling Intelligent Browse.
 Added a report to the Order Stops by Route utility. The current view can now be easily sent to the printer. The report template RouteList.rtm is needed to implement this new functionality.
 This version makes the full route description available for use in the Item Counts reports.
 Added the ability to delete Episodic or Scheduled Deliveries that fall within a date range, so that scheduled deliveries no longer need to be deleted one at a time.
Corrected a bug where the day-specific stop would be used in the delivery route sheets even if there was no day-specific route for those clients with a status of Stopped. This issue only arose when MealService was configured to include stopped Clients in the Route Sheets.
Modified the Edit Alternate Routes and Stops dialogue so that canceling the dialogue no longer replaces the day-specific stops with zero for those days on which no stop had been assigned in the dialogue.
The funding sources component of the All Information report was modified so that it now properly includes the All Services funding. An updated copy of the report template PrintAll.rtm is needed for this change to be implemented.
Fixed a bug that may have kept the Episodic Deliveries dialogue from being displayed properly.
The new report template RouteList.rtm is introduced with this version.
The Dymo® LabelWriter label template Client ID with Barcode.LWL is introduced with this version.
This version may require an additional support file: vclsmp60.bpl. You will be so notified when you first start MealService after upgrading. If you need the file, it will found in the download containing the upgrade. It should be extracted to the same folder as MlSvc.exe

2/4/2006, Build
 Added more robust error-checking to the Delete Diet Modification Codes routine.
Corrected an error in the Delete Diet Modification Codes routine that would occur if the window was closed by clicking the window's 'X' rather than the Close button.

1/31/2006, Build
 The behavior of the Client Height field was modified so that when entering a 1 in inches the entry does not automatically populate with 10.
 Added the Phone Description and the Secondary Phone to the Client Relationships browse view. Note: these additional columns may not be visible until the user's MealService ini file is deleted or the [FormClientswwDBGridRelationships] section in the ini file is deleted. The ini file is user-specific, and can be found in the following directory: C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\MealService.
 Added the ability to sort the All Individuals browse view by clicking on a column heading.
 Added the Rural field to the All Clients Intelligent Browse.
 The Client Pledge fields have been made available for filtering in the Custom Filter dialogue.
Resolved an issue where a Suspension might not be properly migrated to household members if multiple suspensions were created in succession for the same household members.

12/30/2005, Build
A bug that prevented the Reset First Service Date utility from functioning was corrected.

12/27/2005, Build
 The Items Wizard more elegantly handles the situation of a default item with no quantity assigned. In such cases, the Wizard populates such item(s) with a quantity of 1.
 The Diet Code reorder utility now has Cancel added as a choice when prompted 'Proceed with the restructuring?'
 The Order Routes by Stop utility now has Cancel added as a choice when prompted 'Save your changes to the route before retrieving the new route?'.
A benign error in the the Diet Code reorder utility has been fixed. The error would occasionally surface when clicking Cancel after having made a change.

10/25/2005, Build
 The label for Non-Delivery clients who are included on the route sheet but are not receiving a delivery can now be changed by the organization as a configuration option.
 A few success confirmation dialogues have been removed in the interest of streamlining user interaction. The dialogues typically had appeared after running a process, for example collapsing duplicated client records into one.
A third digit was added to the Age column in the Meal Deliveries Intelligent Browse. This resolves an issue where clients older than 99 were showing as 10.
This version resolves an issue where the flag for Special Meal Three was not available for use in the Daily Run and Daily Label reports.
The Table Updater must be run prior to launching this version of MealService.

10/11/2005, Build
This version introduces a wizard for assisting in assigning delivery items to a client. The wizard assumes that the client will receive the same items every day of the week, except for one day which can have a different set of delivery items. The wizard takes care of clearing any existing items from the client's delivery specifications and updates the client's items for each day of the week. For each day, if the the items assigned differ from the defaults for that day then the modified items are saved. Otherwise, if the modifications are the same as the default items then the modifications are cleared and the default items for the service are used.

9/30/2005, Build
When using the Activation Wizard, if a new client is placed on a route where an existing client has already been assigned the same default route and stop number the user is now asked if the existing clients, on or after that stop number, should have their stops incremented to "make a space" for the new client.
 When using the Include all active clients on the delivery report feature, both Active and Stopped clients are now included to be shown on the report.
 If deliveries are being prepared automatically prior to printing a delivery report, a warning message is now displayed if no deliveries were identified for a delivery, or fewer than 10% of active clients were identified for a delivery.
The ini file storing the Household Member Role entries has been moved from the Windows System directory (where it was being created inappropriately) to the correct location, which is the directory containing the data files.

9/18/2005, Build
The Delivery Run Sheets can now be configured to include all active clients, so that a client would be included even if suspended or a stop date had been entered. This change is to accommodate those organizations that prefer to include very detailed door-to-door driving directions, and therefore need all of the directions present, even if a particular client is not actually receiving a delivery on a given day.
 The Reassign Funding Source utility now provides the ability to completely remove a funding source from deliveries, in addition to the previous ability to assign a new funding source.
When creating a routing export file for Streets & Trips or MapPoint, the pushpin Name field would sometimes be truncated inappropriately. That issue has been resolved.
The ability to select the label for the pushpins was not being honored when exporting to Streets & Trips from the Order Routes by Stop utility. It now is honored, and the pushpin labels are created properly.
The Table Updater must be run prior to launching this version of MealService.

9/9/2005, Build
A utility to reassign funding sources on a batch basis has been added so that existing events and deliveries can be shifted to a different funding source. This might be used, for example, when a client had been assigned in error to the wrong funding source and a correction needs to be applied retroactively.
The funding source attached to nutritional counseling events has been made available for editing, so that a client's session can now be assigned to a source other than that which would normally fund a counseling session.
 The client funding sources functionality now has much more robust error checking. For example, you can no longer assign a funding source to "All Services" if a service-specific funding source is already present.
The Contractual Start Date is now properly disabled when other than a client is on screen.

8/23/2005, Build
 Certain Codes are now editable, even if the code has been assigned or used. Any edits to the code will be applied to all child records where the code is in use. The tables with codes that can now be edited are: Funding Sources, Marital Status, Routes, and Race.
 The removal of a stop date is now logged to the History table when the stop date is removed automatically (due to reactivation or a more recent start date having been entered).

8/6/2005, Build
Added the ability to include counts for each route in the Daily Run delivery report. The counts can be set for inclusion at either the top or the bottom of the route. By default, the report counts items (regardless of the service to which they are assigned) grouped by diet. The counting portion of the report is completely modifiable, since it is driven by user-defined queries (One of those queries must be named 'DELIVERY_REPORT_COUNTS_SELECTION' and the other 'DELIVERY_REPORT_COUNTS_SORT'). A new version of the Daily Run report is required to take advantage of this feature. If the Daily Run report is updated then a new template named DailyRunDeliveryCounts.rtm is also required.
Two additional Special Meals can be created, for a total now of five per day. The two new special meals only allow flagging meals based on selected dietary restrictions. In addition, the additional two special meal flags are not stored in the deliveries table, and therefore customized special labels and other reports are required to take advantage of the two additional special meals.
Added the ability to specify an Action for each of the special meals. This action can be used to include instructions in the special meal report, such as 'Substitute chicken for beef'. The visibility of the Action edit boxes can be turned on or off using a system configuration setting.
For those cases where an individual shares the address and/or phone contact information with a client there is now a context menu that allows importing the current client's information into the individual's record at the time of creating a new individual.
Added a delivery report in which deliveries can be selected based on specified diets. This is similar to the Diets in Use report, except that the report data is drawn from deliveries for a specified delivery date rather than all active clients.
 Added the ability to set the visibility on or off of bar codes on the Daily Run delivery report by using the system configuration settings.
 Any change in a client's service is now logged to the client's history file.
 The Custom Filter dialogue has been updated to include several new fields, such as URN, Latitude, Longitude, and Cross Street.
 A client's default route must now be chosen from one in the list, eliminating the chance for entering a nonexistent route.
Fixed a bug, introduced when MapPoint pushpin labels could be customized in version, where route optimization was not always retrieved properly.
Resolved an issue in the Funding Sources dialogue where the item rates were not immediately displayed for those funders that should have had the information visible.
The Table Updater must be run prior to launching this version of MealService.
An updated version of the Daily Run report is required to utilize the integrated counts feature.
The new report template DailyRunDeliveryCounts.rtm is introduced with this version.
The new report template DeliveryDietRestrictions.rtm is introduced with this version.

7/14//2005, Build
A third Special Meal can now be defined on a daily basis. This allows flagging, for each client, up to three meals a day requiring a special substitution.
Added the ability to specify a User-Defined query that can be executed during the Save Deliveries process. This new user-defined query can be used to identify special meals that don't fall into one of the usual special categories, such as identifying clients who receive a specific item. The user-defined query must be named 'EXECUTE_ON_SAVE_DELIVERIES'.
The Clients by Selected Diet report now includes in the title of the report the diet selections chosen and shows the Default Route for each client.
There is now a screen that displays the user login activity for a specified time period. This screen can be used to identify any users currently logged into MealService.
 The Label Limitation dialogue now remembers the prior selection for limiting the labels (i.e., whether by Special Meal, by Selected Diet, etc.).
 The Daily Run report now includes the specific diet restrictions for each of the Special Meals. It also accommodates flagging the third special meal when required.
 A printer reset is now sent before printing any delivery reports. This is an attempt to resolve an issue with some printers that do not properly reset themselves after a print job.
The Clients by Selected Diet report is now sent directly to the printer rather than to the screen when Printer is selected as the destination.
The Table Updater must be run prior to launching this version of MealService.
In order to take advantage of the additional information available in the Clients by Selected Diet and Daily Run reports, new report template files are required for both reports.

7/32005, Build
Added the ability to specify a message at the top and bottom of the Daily Run Report. These messages can be used to relay important information to route drivers and the messages can be changed as needed.
Added the ability to store the latitude and longitude of a Client's address. If the latitude and longitude data has been entered, it will be used for mapping in MapPoint rather than the street address. This accommodates the few addresses that can't normally be mapped using only the street address.
 Tables are now compacted as part of the Archiving process. This can dramatically reduce the size of the files pertaining to Deliveries and Meal Credits.
 Delivery Status is now stored in the Archived Deliveries table.
 Added two additional time periods for when a user should be prompted to re-prepare the delivery data: 30 minutes and one hour.
 The Household Members dialogue, when launched, now points to the household member's record belonging to the currently selected client rather than the first member of the household.
 The Send to Mapping function now remembers all of the settings from use to use, except the routes that had been previously chosen.
 The onscreen Cuisines label now is worded Cuisine / Portion Size to widen the utility of the Cuisine field.
Fixed an issue where, if an alternate address had been edited on the main screen and the Address Overrides button was then immediately clicked, the address could not be edited in the Address Overrides screen.
Service applications created with a status of Wait-Listed are now properly identified in their respective History entries.
The Cuisines table is now properly refreshed when the Refresh Lists menu choice has been selected.
The Table Updater must be run prior to launching this version of MealService.
In order to take advantage of two new re-preparing time periods, as described above, the latest version of the User Maintenance utility is required.
An updated Daily Run report template is required to utilize the new driver message feature.

6/5/2005, Build
When using the Mapping functionality it is now possible to select the format of the pushpin labels (for example, first and last names, last name and first initial, Client ID, etc).
 The Mapping Options dialogues now remember the user's selections from use to use.
 Added the ability to print a single client note, in addition to the existing ability to print all client notes.
 The MapPoint integration on the Order Routes utility now reuses an existing MapPoint map if one exists. A new map is only launched if one does not yet exist. This behavior now matches that of MapPoint on the Prepared Deliveries screen.
 The Client's Status was added to the information for the matching names displayed in the Add New Name window.
 If a client's record had been edited when any one of the household operations is launched (i.e., editing a household, editing household members, or launching the household wizard) the user will be prompted to save the changes before proceeding.
The Quick Deliveries Listing is now properly sent directly to the printer (rather than to the screen) when Printer has been chosen as the destination.
The speed-key assignments were removed from all buttons in the Activation Wizard. This was because using the X key sometimes triggered the Exit button, causing the window to close prematurely.
The report generated when using the Stop Clients utility now has the correct title of Clients about to be stopped rather than Clients about to be Inactivated.
The Send Error notification no longer occasionally freezes when displaying the dialogue asking if the error message should be sent.
This version resolves an issue with editing addresses. The client address would sometimes be locked for editing if, upon initially launching MealService, the first client displayed had an empty address.

5/6/2005, Build
Fixed a bug in the Daily Run sheet so that an alternate address, when defined for a single delivery date, no longer generates an error.

4/30/2005, Build
This version adds a utility for recording walk-in visits (or any other calendar-based delivery event) in a batched basis. This is intended to be used for recording a service by scanning a barcode, either at the time of service or after the fact. A barcode scanner is not required to use the utility, however.
When using the batch add utility, there is now the ability to record a walk-in visit as complimentary.
Added a report which lists clients with a scan-able barcode. The report can be used, for example, to manually record visits at walk-in locations and then later be scanned at the office. The report appears on the Delivery Reports dialogue.
 The Delivery Reports dialogue remembers whether screen or printer was the print destination on the prior usage.
Corrected a bug which was introduced in version The Process Episodic Events to be Credited utility would display the message 'Funding Description not found and that has been resolved.
Fixed a bug related to using the ZIP Code lookup function, when on the main Client-edit screen. When an alternate address was being edited, changing the ZIP code would not automatically change the alternate address city and state. That has been corrected.

4/24/2005, Build
Added the ability to specify, at the client level, a funder for All Services in addition to the existing ability of specifying a funder for specific services.
An Item Count by Route and Diet report was added to the Delivery Reports dialogue. This new report sorts the delivery items regardless of the services with which they are being delivered.
A report to print all Client Notes was added to the Notes browse window.
 The Meal Items edit dialogue handles items with a credit amount more gracefully.
 The Funding Source dialogues (at both the specific funding source and client-funding locations) now allow entering a credit rate (as a minus amount).
 The Funding Sources dialogues (at both the specific funding source and client-funding locations) have better error-checking to prevent creating an entry with missing information or an entry with no dollar amount.
 The message window displayed during the saving prepared deliveries process is now forced to be the topmost window. This is to prevent the window from becoming hidden if the user from clicks somewhere on screen while the preparation process is underway.
 When the Daily Delivery Report has been configured to print only selected meal items, this version supports having the client's service be visible, even when there are no visible items. An updated delivery report is required to enable this change.
 When using the Integrate with MapPoint feature, MealService now checks to see if it has already launched a copy of MapPoint prior to launching a new instance. If a copy of MapPoint is found to be running, then the existing map is cleared and the route is regenerated on the existing map.
 The Diet Restriction edit dialogue now generates the next numeric ID automatically when creating a new Diet.
 The Diet Restriction edit dialogue no longer allows creating a blank record when on the browse tab.
 A context menu was added to the Notes edit dialogue.
 This version should run marginally faster when data is accessed via a remote connection, due to several internal changes made in the interest of operational efficiency.
 Partial user names at the time of log-on are no longer accepted. The complete user name must be entered.
Address Overrides now print reliably on the Daily Labels with Address. The alternate addresses had printed intermittently previously.
Fixed a bug that prevented items belonging to single-character meals (e.g., 'B' for Breakfast) from appearing on the Daily Delivery Report, when that report was configured to include only items belonging to selected meals.
The Alerts and Follow-Ups window has had the user's Read-Only permissions applied more consistently.
This version disables primarily-visual functionality (such as bolding the Address Overrides button) in the interest of efficiency, when the method of connection is set to Internet.
This version disables filtering on Suspension status when the method of connection is set to Internet.
As of this release, specifying reimbursement rates at the client level is no longer allowed if MealService has been configured to permit multiple funding sources per service.

4/1/2005, Build
The alternate address in effect, if any, is now displayed on the main screen alongside the client's permanent address. Likewise, the alternate directions are automatically displayed on the client screen alongside the permanent directions.
 For alternate addresses, delivery directions are no longer limited to 250 characters and font formatting is now supported (A quick database modification is required to enable the new long alternate address directions.)
 Alternate addresses are now available for use on the Daily Delivery Label with Address. An updated label template file is required to take advantage of this capability.
 On the client Custom Delivery Items dialogue the Context menu has been enhanced with new functionality. In addition, Control Key shortcuts were added for all of the functionality on the screen.
 In the scheduled delivery recurrence editor, the number of recurrences can now be edited with the keyboard in addition to using the spin buttons.
 The Order Stops by Route utility now allows moving a client to another route and/or incrementing stops without forcing the changes to be made permanent immediately.
 Regional date formatting preferences are applied more uniformly in various dialogues throughout the application.
 This version allows the entry of 18-digit Switch account numbers.
 The maximum monthly income limit was raised to $10,000.
 When using MapPoint for routing on the Prepare Deliveries screen, this version attempts to select either the first or second line of the address, as appropriate, to exclude a line that includes only Apartment, 1st Floor, Flat etc.
 Wait-Listed was added as a choice in the Application Status drop-down list.
This version resolves a Class Not Registered issue when using the European version of MapPoint for automated routing.
Users with a Read-Only access level have had the ability to view modified client items restored.
Fixed a logic problem in the Verify Deliveries utility. The utility would declare that a client would receive a calendar-based delivery which fell on their stop date, when, in fact, they would not.
Fixed two bugs related to regional date formatting when using a format other than Month/Day/Year: one in the recurrence editor and one in the Missed Delivery function.
This version handles much more gracefully the situation of the organization's default service days not having been properly populated.
In prior versions, the main screen of MealService had inappropriately forced itself to 600 x 800 upon launching. It now will be restored to a maximized state, if MealService had been in a maximized state when it was last closed.
On the Client Funding tab, it is no longer possible to create a Client Funding Source without specifying the Funder.

3/9/2005, Build
 Added a prompt to save any edits when closing the Relationships dialogue by other than clicking the Save or Cancel buttons.
 Added a warning if the Birthday report is run spanning a period of more than one month.
 The Duplicate List Name error is handled more elegantly in the prepared deliveries Save As dialogue.
When saving deliveries to a new list, duplicated client names are now properly suppressed in the list.
Fixed the 'Table is not in edit mode' bug if a relationship was created and no related individual had been assigned and more than one attempt was made to close the dialogue.

2/27/2005, Build
The version introduces the ability to suppress the display of the prepared deliveries. Many organizations appreciate the opportunity to review the deliveries prior to printing delivery reports. For those that do not need that opportunity, however, the display can now be suppressed at the user level by using the User Maintenance dialog.
 This version introduces the ability to use both the main Client Edit screen as well as the Client Browse screen at the same time, so that edits can be made on the Edit screen while the Browse is used for navigation (without having to close it to make the edits).
 When using the context menu to create a Follow-Up Alert, if cancel is selected a blank Follow-Up is no longer saved.
 Added a confirmation to save any edits made to a Client's record, if the record is in active edit mode when that client is removed from a household or the household in which he or she is a member is deleted.
 The Birthday report, found on the Delivery Reports dialogue, can now be restricted to selected Services.
 Delivery labels now have two additional sorting options: by Diet / Client ID and by Diet / Last Name. The sorting is on the client's complete list of diet restrictions not the affected diets for a particular Special Meal.
 The height field on the health tab now uses the same formatting as the height field on the biographic info tab.
 The BMI calculation now better handles several different height formats.
 The Cuisine field was made available for use on the Daily Run report and all Daily Labels.
Fixed a bug in the Nutrition Counseling Intelligent Browse where no data was displayed in the Gender column.

2/16/2005, Build
Added the ability to assign User-Defined Reports to the Delivery-, Agency-, Alerts- and Counseling-Report selection dialogues, in addition to the existing, menu-based User-Defined Reports. In order for a self-contained user-defined report to appear on one of those dialogues the report name must begin, respectively, with UserReportDelivery, UserReportAgency, UserReportAlerts or UserReportCounseling. The identifiers will be stripped from the report name for display purposes. For example, a report template named UserReportDeliveryCold Bags by Route.rtm would appear on the Delivery Reports selection as Cold Bags by Route.
There is a new Custom Mail-Merge option. The new mail-merge will allow selecting certain system queries from a drop-down list. (To be included in the list the query name must contain Select, Export or Merge.) The utility will then create a mail-merge file, and (optionally) launch Word. This functionality is similar to the existing Filtered Client mail merge, except that a custom query can be used to select the data. The queries can include a run-time parameter. A parameter is delineated with a colon (for example, DOB = :Birthdate will generate a dialog at run time asking for the Birthdate).
Users can be defined as having one of three events flagged in their profile: whether the Execute_On_Open or Execute_On_Close confirmation dialogues should be displayed, and whether the user should be prompted to prepare deliveries (if they haven't yet been prepared) or to re-prepare the deliveries (when the prepared data is older than a chosen time period).
 The Execute Query utility now supports queries with a parameter to be supplied when the query is executed. In the select statement the parameter is delineated with a colon (for example, Deliv_Date = :"Delivery Date" will generate a dialogue at run time asking for the Delivery Date).
In order to take advantage of customizing the user events, as described above, the latest version of the User Maintenance utility is required.
On the Notes screen, resolved an issue where, if the Note Date column contained no entries, the screen would be displayed with no visible notes the first time it was displayed.

2/7/2005, Build
Added client totals to the footer of two Intelligent Browses.
The Nutrition Counseling intelligent browse now displays a distinct client count in the footer, rather than a duplicated client count.
The Nutrition Counseling reports selection dialogue now allows limiting report data by one or more services and/or one or more counseling locations.
Three new Nutrition Counseling reports have been added: Counseling by Client, Counseling by Counselor, and Summary by Location.
 Fixed a bug where, if an Execute_On_Open query had been defined and no Execute_On_Post query had been defined, the Execute_On_Open query would be inappropriately executed in the Execute_On_Post event.
 The deletion of an Application for Service is now encapsulated within a transaction.
 The edit Client Pop-Up dialogue now asks if any edits should be saved when the dialogue is closed, regardless of the method used to close it.

2/2/2005, Build
All of the Intelligent Browses have been updated with a more powerful browsing mechanism. Filters can now be saved to a file. Filters can be turned on or off, as desired and there is a filter-editing dialogue allowing filters more sophisticated than the two conditions allowed in the Custom Filter. In addition, any fields set to group can now also be used to filter. Columns can be hidden, and the headers and footers turned on or off, as desired.
The Meal Deliveries, All Services, Health Assessments and All Clients intelligent browses now allow the viewing of, and filtering by, client diseases.
The Client Services tab now allows resizing of the three grids (Applications, Documents and Conditions) and the Other Information box.
There is now an Execute-On-Open query which, if it is populated, when MealService is launched a confirmation dialogue is displayed asking if the query should be executed. This query can be used to make batch updates, such as automatically changing a Client's Status to Stopped if the Stop Date falls on the current date.
Validation to ensure that a birth date is not in the future now takes place when an edited record is saved. Therefore, the edit field into which a birth date is entered has had it's date restrictions removed.
Added the MealService Version Number to the Error Feedback form.
Errors generated by an invalid entry in the Height or Credit Card fields now present a more intuitive error message and are no longer capable of being submitted to Technical Support as an error report.
A number of windows that weren't properly sized for displaying under Windows XP have been reformatted.
 An issue has been resolved where, if a filter was in place on the Notes grid and a new note was created, the new note would not be properly saved.
The event that triggers the display of a user's Alerts and Follow-Ups upon log-in has been changed in an attempt to resolve an intermittent List index out of bounds error.

1/18/2005, Build
This version adds a Primary Staff Contact drop-down list which can be used to identify the staff member with responsibility for a Client.
A utility has been added which can consolidate duplicated Client records. A similar utility has been added which consolidates duplicated Individual records. In both cases the user has the ability to edit the duplicate records prior to consolidation, and selectively decide which fields of either record to retain. Any related data (i.e., health assessments, relationships, etc.) is automatically moved from the deleted to the retained record.
The Client's age is calculated and displayed onscreen adjacent to their date of birth.
If the user has an alert due, the Browse Alerts window is displayed immediately after the main screen opens.
There is now an Execute-On-Close query which, if it is populated, at the time MealService is closed a confirmation dialogue is displayed asking if the query should be executed. This query can be used to make batch updates to the data, such as assigning a primary staff contact to newly created clients.
A starting invoice number can be specified when exporting client bills to a mail merge file. The export will then increment and assign a sequential invoice number to each bill that is exported. To take advantage of the automatic numbering, an updated mail-merge invoice is required.
Added the Client's delivery type and delivery days to the Diets in Use report. An updated DietsInUse.rtm file is required to take advantage of the addition.
Added a context menu to the Edit Relationship dialogue. The menu allows copying the Individual's name and address to the clipboard.
  When reimbursement is calculated by time-period, Third-party funders are now limited to Day (as the unit of time) as the only choice.
The Other Services Used box can now be hidden on the Service/Diet tab.
Alignment of the buttons at the very bottom of the Client screen align better when displayed under WIndows XP. Several windows are now appropriately sized when displayed under Windows XP.
The delivery preparation process is now less likely to retrieve clients who, in exceptional circumstances, are listed as Active but have not been assigned a Client ID.
 On the Scheduled Deliveries dialog the Save Changes button is now properly enabled after editing one of the scheduled deliveries.
 Fixed a bug in the Intelligent Browse window. The All Clients and Health Assessments browses now properly export their data.
The bug that prevented deleting a Service Application immediately after the application was created, but prior to its having been saved, has been resolved.

12/2/2004, Build
On the Delivery Preparation screen, when retrieving optimized routing from MapPoint, clients sharing a stop will only continue to share that stop if the stop is other than zero. Any clients with a stop of exactly zero prior to optimizing will be assigned a new stop.
Fixed a bug in the Address Overrides screen where, for US addresses, selecting a ZIP Code would not populate the City and State.

Earlier Revision History

ListMaker Revision History (Back to top of page)


  • When adding members to a list, potential members can now be selected by Status (where previously, when adding by Status, only Active was a choice).
  • The date a name was added to the database (Date Added) is now visible in the List Members view. The date might be used if the list is being used to manage a waiting list, for example.
  • The List Members view can now be sorted, in either ascending or descending order, by Date Added.


  • An address label has been added to the list of the filtered reports.


  • Whether new list members should be added to, or replace, existing list members is now available as a list default.
  • The ListMaker windows now remember their positions.
  • The Member count is now correctly calculated after hiding list members.
  • List members can be hidden using a dialogue that allows selection by delivery days.


  • Added a menu option which lets the user choose a quantity and assigns that value to selected list members.
  • System History entries are now identified by the user making the changes.
  • This version of the plug-in is required for use with MealService version, or later.


  • Added the ability to Hide list members. This is useful, for example, when a list is being built of all active members except for a certain subclass (such as dependents). By making the subclass hidden they will not be counted in the list and they will not be used towards fulfillment. Their presence, however, will prevent the same name from being added again on the next batch import of active clients (which would happen if they had simply been removed from the list).
  • Added the Dependent, Household Name and Start and Stop Date fields to the List Members browse screen.
  • Added Client ID and telephone number to the lookup dialog when adding a single client.
  • Added a drop-down list for selecting the sort order and a search box (which will search for the closest match as an entry is typed).
  • Added two list totals: a count of currently visible clients and a sum of the quantity column.
  • When fulfilling a delivery, the type of delivery created is now based upon the client's current Delivery Schedule type. That is, if the client is Episodic, then an Episodic delivery is created, otherwise a Scheduled delivery is created for Ongoing clients.
  • Added several keyboard shortcuts:
    • Alt-F, navigates to the first record
    • Alt-P, navigates to the previous record in the sort order
    • Alt-N, navigates to next record in the sort order
    • Alt-L, navigates to last record
    • Control-I, changes the state of the Invited checkbox. This iterates through checked and unchecked states with each invocation.
    • Control-C, changes the state of the Confirmed checkbox. This will iterate through checked, unchecked, and unknown states with each invocation.
    • Control-S, positions the cursor in the Search field.
  • Double-clicking the List Members browse screen now pops-up a window displaying the selected Client's name, address and delivery information.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when closing any ListMaker window asking, if there are any unposted edits, whether the changes should be saved.
  • The List Members browse screen will now group on Route, Service, and Household Name fields. That is, when one of those column headings is clicked to sort on that field, then only the first time the Household name (for example) appears is it displayed. This facilitates visualizing households, in that the household name only appears for the first household member.
  • Two reports: a phone listing and a complete client info report are now available on the List Members screen. Both reports print based upon the current filter and sort order in use on the List Members display.
  • The List members browse view now remembers the user's modifications to the column order and column widths from use to use.
  • Resolved a situation where the Add a Member lookup dialog may not always have displayed the most recently added clients.


  • Added the Cancel Pending Deliveries function.
  • Added the functionality so that, when fulfilling a list, a Route or Stop assigned to a specific day will be used rather than only the Default Route and/or Stop.


  • Now posts a message to System History when a list has been deleted.
  • Now posts a message to System History when a list has been scheduled for fulfillment.
  • Added an option to the context menu for removing all of the members of a list.


  • In the functionality for copying list members from one list to another, added a third option: that of being able to retain the current state of the Confirmed checkbox in the destination list.
  • Added a context menu choice in the List Members view. Check all Invited checkboxes and Clear all Invited checkboxes are now available.
  • Added the ability to sort the List Members view by Quantity. This means that the Quantity column could also be used to prioritize members on a wait list, for example.
  • Fixed a bug which generated an error when switching to the List Members view if no lists had yet been created.
  • Fixed a bug which populated the Confirmed and Invited checkboxes with T and F rather than Y and N when copying list members from one list to another.


  • Added the ability to copy from one list to another.
  • Added the ability to filter on a Confirmed state of Unknown.

Earlier ListMaker Revision History

MenuMaker Revision History (Back to top of page)


  • Moved the location for the storage of all temporary tables from the directory in which the executable resides to the user's local Temp directory.


  • Created a utility to copy an entire menu's Selections from one Service/Cuisine cycle to a different Service/Cuisine combination in the same week.
  • Added two User-Defined reports to the menu.
  • Speeded the report preparation process.
  • This version of the plug-in is required for use with MealService version, or later.


  • Selections in drop-down lists are now sorted without upper- or lower-case sensitivity.
  • Added Up and Down buttons to the Item/Component Mapping screen.
  • Added the ability to set the Sort Order of a group of Item/Component mappings to the same sort order. This facilitates eliminating duplicate mappings, which is required for eliminating duplicate components from the Menu Templates.
  • When creating Menu Templates, distinct Component/Sort Order combinations are selected from the Item/Component mappings. This resolves the issue where (for example) delivery items such as Cold Bag and Cold Bag without Breakfast are used with one service and both of which contain many of the same items.
  • Added a Menu Template View to the Item/Component Mapping screen, to preview what type of menu template will be generated.
  • Added Edit Selections to the context menu of the Menu Maintenance screen.
  • On the Menu Maintenance screen, when deleting a Standard Component, if there is more than one copy of the same component in the Standard list then the modifications for that component will not be deleted until the last copy of the Standard component is deleted.
  • Added a confirmation dialog prior to deleting Menu items.
  • Added the ability to select the sort in which the Cycles should appear on the main Menus screen.
  • Added the ability to locate a Cycle's Menu based upon the dates to which it has been assigned for use.
  • Added a report summarizing menu items by Cuisine, Selection, and Action (disregarding the Service).
  • Resolved a Query Not Open message when selecting the Utilities > Generate Cycles and Menus menu option.
  • Resolved an issue with the View Menus by Week option, where, if no sort order had been assigned to the menu items no more than 6 items would be displayed.


  • Added the ability to copy the components for a service to another service.

BillMaker Revision History (Back to top of page)


  • This version introduces the ability to identify the client on individually-generated third-party invoices.
  • The Invoice listing and Aged Trial Balance reports now include a portion of the Invoice Description.
  • Separate invoice formats can now be specified for Clients as well as third-party funders. This enables using the credit card-like integrated invoice/statement for Clients and separate invoices and statements for funders.
  • When generating invoices, the invoice date can now be specified (rather than having it default to the date the invoices are generated).


  • Added the ability to generate separate invoices for each client funded by a third-party funder.
  • Added an additional formatting option for third-party invoices. Third-party invoices can now list the deliveries summarized by date, in addition to the existing summarization by item.

Earlier MenuMaker Revision History

ReferralTracker Revision History (Back to top of page)

Known Issues (Back to top of page)

  • If a filter based on Clients' status is in effect (for example, Status = Active), and a Client's status is changed so that they no longer fall under the filter, the History entries pertaining to the status change will be created for the wrong client.
  • Changes to a report modified on one workstation will not become immediately available to other workstations. Workaround: On the workstation where the modified report must be run, exit and re-enter MealService. That will force all modified reports to be loaded.


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